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AceOn provides solar power for use in Africa

A company has developed a low-cost solar power plant, to provide electricity to poor areas.

AceOn, based in Telford, Shropshire, has developed a project that will be used in sub-Saharan Africa, where half the population has no access to electricity.

The program is funded by a battery-powered device that is widely used in African countries where almost half of the continent’s population lives without electricity.
Experts say investing in the region will generate significant profits.

Only 60% of Nigerians have access to electricity, usually using high-powered generators, which emit smoke when there is no electricity.

Mark Thompson, managing director of AceOn Group, said the device records sunlight, and then provides nighttime lighting.

The company has partnered with other companies in Nigeria, which distribute generators.

Nevadic CEO Dave Nwosu said: “You do not need to go to the gas station or the gas station to buy fuel every day, because as long as there is sunlight you do not have any problems, this will make you relax and go shopping. and protect the environment from greenhouse gas emissions. “

The device was developed by researchers in the UK, and is probably the first of its kind to use sodium-ion batteries, which are produced from low-cost materials, and are environmentally friendly, and used on cell phones, computers and battery-powered cars.

Harsh Pershad, chief creative officer of Innovate UK, which provides funding and support to organizations and companies to create new products, said: “I think for us the profit will be ours if we invest investment with our partners, especially with developing countries.

“If we help at this time when they desperately need it, after all the infrastructure has been taken care of. Then we will benefit, and benefit from our hard work …. and we will help others to provide this as well.” technology … here you see the profit we say. “

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