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Davido will donate N250 million to orphanages

Afrobeats singer Davido has said he will donate 250 million naira ($ 608,000) to orphanages in Nigeria after being sent money by fans.

The singer had earlier asked his fans to “send us a song that was a bachelorette” and to send him money to a bank account bearing his name.

On Saturday, Davido said he presented the cup “with laughter”, but the number of people who responded to his call exceeded his expectations.
He thanked the donors, while explaining how to use them.

The share to be given to the orphanages includes a donation from the supporters and a donation of N50 million.

Davido is considered one of Africa’s greatest musicians.

Davido: The singer said his fans raised him for about 175 million naira
He has won MTV and BET awards and has worked with some of the biggest foreign artists including Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj.

His demand for social media has sparked mixed reactions from his followers.

Some say the singer, who has 22 million followers on Instagram, sometimes wants to show off his lifestyle on social media.

In a message posted on Twitter, Davido said his goal was to raise money to be able to import his Rolls-Royce car from the port.

He then sent out bank account details and shared photos as the amount of money in it continued to increase in the last few days.
In a statement issued on Saturday, the singer said his goal was to raise this money around his birthday every year to help the community.
“I want to help people,” he said.

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