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‘Gunmen abduct passengers from 10 vehicles in Zamfara’

Reports from Zamfara in northwestern Nigeria say gunmen have abducted several travelers on their way to the state from Katsina State.

Men’s told BC Hausa That from Friday to Saturday morning, gunmen attacked about 10 passenger vehicles, took several people and killed others.

A woman in one of the vehicles told us that the incident took place when they were traveling from neighboring Katsina State to Zamfara State and were run over by a traveling companion.

“We left Jibiya at 4pm and arrived in Funtua at about 7 o’clock and something. Then we drove ‘Yankara to Kuceri. We didn’t know them because they were in the dark. We just heard the noise. shooting everywhere, “she said.

She said when the driver heard that they were being shot, he turned the car into a field, where he returned to the street, but the robbers followed and shot one of the tires in the back.

“It was then that a bullet was fired at me in the groin and he walked over to the chair, where he found her.”

She said because of the shooting, “the windshield shattered and went into my car and cut me off.”

The driver then drove them to Wanzamai.
“After arriving in Wanzamai, the driver asked the public for help,” another vehicle was brought in and I was taken to the hospital in Yankara, “she said.

She added: “When we arrived in Yankara we thought she had been shot in the back. We arrived at the hospital and they checked and said she had been shot.”

She explained that she was being cared for by her traveling companion and she exclaimed: “I’m getting dressed, you before I finish dressing even the soul behaves.”

The woman also said that their car was not the first to be blocked by thieves.

“They started with another car and shot one person in the leg, who also turned around and waved to our driver that there was a problem but it was eight-thirty and he could not see.”
She explained that after the driver of the car they were traveling in turned around, he also tried to inform other drivers of the problem but they did not understand.

“They seized the vehicles and took away the occupants. They seized about 10 vehicles, including trailers.”

‘When I heard she had been shot in the past, I knew she was already dead.’
Murtala Aminu, the husband of the woman who died in the attack, said: “We called her at around 6:30, she said they got up and passed Funtua. “Come home and after seven o’clock, I was sent for. I refused to come and I was told to go because it might be very important.”

After arriving at their home, his wife’s roommate said that a phone call had been made saying that Aisha and Jamila had been shot. I was told she had been shot in the past. I feel like I said I knew she was dead. “

Mallam Murtala said his father and a relative later found him at home and assured him that his wife had died as a result of a gunshot wound to the head.

He said her body was brought out in the early hours of the morning and she was dressed.
So far the authorities have not commented on the matter.

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