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How Nigerians are confused on whether to continue using the old currency or not

The people of Nigeria are confused about whether to continue using the old currency of the country or not.

The confusion originated from the Central Bank of the country, CBN and the federal government after they were confused about whether they will follow the order of the Supreme Court of the country to extend the period of use of old currency notes or not.

Many of the people of the country expressed their concern of not knowing the decision reached.

Some people who spoke to the BBC said that since the deadline extended by the CBN for the use of old currency is 10 February 2023, gas stations and some shops have stopped accepting old currency notes. , then they say that they have been told to stop using them.

Similarly, some traders in Asaba, Delta State, told the BBC about the problem they are in due to the lack of new money in their hands and they were told to stop using the old ones, this is causing their business to face problems.

The sellers of groceries in the Asaba market said that now their goods are ruined because there is no money.

Not knowing the position of the federal government and the CBN, on whether to continue using the old currency or to stop it, has caused this confusion among the Nigerian people.

However, on its part, the Nigerian government said that it will present its own arguments on its reasons for putting the deadline to stop using the country’s old currency notes before the Supreme Court if it returns to the judicial session.

However, the government said that it will obey the court’s order to stop using the old currency from February 10, 2023, set by the central bank of the country, CBN.

The Minister of Justice of Nigeria, Barista Abubakar Malami, told the BBC that, as a result of the lawsuit filed by some state governors, this statement is now using old court money.

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He said, “The government now has the right to address the court so that it can analyze it, and everything we know to help the court make a decision, we have taken steps to present before the court so that it can make a decision.” consider it.”

The Minister of Justice said that since the court has now given the order to continue using the old currency, it is the government’s right to obey the order.

This is coming at a time when the Council of Elders of the country has asked the CBN to either produce enough bills, or bring out the old ones that it has received so that the citizens can continue to use them to solve the problems in the country. across the country there is a shortage of bank notes in the hands of the public and banks.

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