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How people lived at the hands of the gunman Bello Turji

Bello Turji, a notorious robber this week, released dozens of people who had been detained for a long time.

Bello Turji is one of Nigeria’s most wanted robbers for his alleged attacks on himself and his children.

Ahmad Abdulrazak, one of more than 50 people arrested by Bello Turjin, who was abducted by Bello Turji children on the Kaura Namoda to Sabon Birni road, said they had suffered at Turji’s hands.

In an interview with the TV host Mai Biredi TV, he revealed that he had spent 32 days in the hands of his captors, but all those days he had not seen his host Bello Turji.

Ahmad explained that the gunmen had told them a number of things, some of which they often told them that there was nothing in their lives that they feared more than a military plane.

The gunmen told him that if a security guard approached them on the ground they would surely harm him, and he explained that they even demanded that the soldiers come to them on the ground to harm them.

“When they saw the army boat, they would tie us up and throw us further. They would run to the mountains and hide,” said Ahmad Abdulrazak.
He added that the soldiers do not enter the forest on their feet, they are boarded by plane.

He said they had seen a military plane enter the forest several times and had even dropped a bomb that nearly caused them damage as a result of a fire that broke out after the bombing.
Ahmad confirmed that the bomb thrown by the warplane into the bush burned down the Turji school and its food supplies.

He explained that the plane did not injure a single person among the hostages, but also damaged some of Turji’s children with their weapons where up to one person was killed.

Ahmad said he heard one of Turjin’s children say that their landlord had given N2 million to one of his children who was injured in a plane crash to hospital.

How Turji released over 50 people

Ahmad Abdulrazak explained that they were living in the bush when someone came with military equipment and asked the detainees what city they were from. They said they were Kaura Namoda people, he asked them if they wanted to go home and they said they wanted to.
According to him, he immediately dismissed them and told them that anyone who fled would be killed.
He explained that it was from there that they were joined by 13-year-olds who were instructed to escort them out of the mouths of other herds.

‘Bello Turji swamps keep them near Mabera village’

The BBC has heard from someone who has seen some of those released from the forest.

“At around 5pm, Bello Turji released the men and they were taken to the Area Command of the Shinkafi Police Station.”

He said they were soon transferred to Gusau, the capital of Zamfara State.

He added that “some of the relatives of the victims met and were very happy.”

Asked why the hostages were abducted, he said: “They were brought in trucks. Bello Turji parked them near a village called Mabera which is not more than three or four kilometers away. not from the town of Shinkafi. “

He was also asked how many people had been released, where he said, “The truth is all released, but I can’t determine how many because they are so numerous.”

He said there were those who said the number of victims was 100, but he could not count them.
The investigation revealed that Bello Turji had released all his hostages because he was seeking a negotiated settlement with the authorities.

“He wants to see to it that things are resolved so that they can live in peace. He has released them all.”

He said among those released were men, women and even children.

“Some of them were also carrying wounds, because when they were stopped on the road, the forest thieves opened fire on them and some were shot but the shooting was not a problem, so they took them to the forest and detained them. “

He further described the situation he saw: “If you look at them you will see that they have been dug out of the ground because of their poor hygiene and lack of laundry, and that they are sitting in the dust in the desert.”

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