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Police in Kano have arrested 245 people with illegal weapons and drugs

As part of the fight against crime, the Kano State Police Command in northern Nigeria has announced the arrest of a number of suspected criminals in the state.

The state commissioner of police, Sama’ila Shu’aibu Dikko, made the announcement at a press conference convened by the Kano State Police Command at its headquarters in Bompai on Thursday, December 16, 2021.

Dikko said that in a crackdown by Puff-Adder police on the state capital, 245 people were arrested on various charges, including: Armed robbery, kidnapping for ransom, cattle rustling, carjacking, gangs, drug dealing, etc., and some have already been prosecuted. appropriate punishment for their crimes.

Commissioner Dikko has compiled a list of those arrested on various charges as follows:

Armed robbers 38

Kidnappers 9

12 Internet hackers

7 Cattle Thieves

25 Carjackers

Thieves Adjusting the ranks 12

Bicycle thieves 7

17 drug dealers suspected

Gangs 118

In addition to these people, the police also rescued 6 hostages, seeking ransom.

Thirty-five rifles were recovered, including an AK47 and an SNG, and 26 vehicles, 14 rows, 19 bicycles, 92 knives, machetes, 4 computers, and 54 cell phones were seized. 50 generators and so on.

In the case of drug dealers, the police received:

  • Tabar wiwi moli 303.
  • Kwayar taramadol da ta kai kusan naira miliyan 9.
  • Da kwayar rafanol takarda 140.
  • Kwalabe 150 na maganin tari mai sinadarin Kodin.
  • Da sukudai kwalabe 44
  • Da shanu 66

The raids took place from early November to December 2021, and people were arrested at various locations after obtaining improved information on hideouts and hideouts.

The Commissioner of Police, Dikko, has appealed to the people of Kano State as soon as they see anything that is not satisfactory to them or anyone to immediately notify the nearest police station, or call their emergency number 08032419754, or 08123821575, or 08076091271, and download the “NPF Rescue Me” software available in the Play Store for your smartphones in case of an emergency.

Kano State has recently made a name for itself by confiscating mobile phones, either by snatching them or by thugs with motorcyclists, sometimes even using weapons such as knives to stab the victim. argue with them over the phone.

The guerrillas are also expected to return to the state, which is not the first time Kanon State police have arrested guerrillas, or those selling illegal weapons such as Gora, knives, grenades and more.

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