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Psychiatrists and radiologists are no better than other people – Research

Do you think of becoming psychiatrists or space shutters? Yes you have a chance.

But owners of such businesses are not necessarily smarter than other people, according to a new study.

The researchers asked 329 space engineers and 72 psychiatrists to perform some experimental tasks.

The results, published in the British Medical Journal, did not show much difference between them and the British public.

The researchers said their goal was to identify which professions were the most talented.

And they want to find out if other people understand what the two professionals really are.

While the two departments are expected to lose staff over the next 10 years, analysts say testing some alternatives will help recruit people in the science sector.

The perceptions of people on both sides of the internet were measured in six sections of comprehension, using a ‘Great British Intelligence Test’ system developed at Imperial College London.

The test consists of a database of memory and focus and environmental monitoring. In addition, people were asked about their age and gender and their work experience.

The results of the two parties were compared with data collected from 18,000 British populations.

It has been found that psychiatrists are more likely than rocket engineers to try to define the meaning of things, such as providing meaning to words that are not normally heard.

Engineers, on the other hand, are better than their medical counterparts trying to control and play with the human mind such as manipulating images in the human brain.

Compared to the general public, engineers did not show any difference in any area.

Psychiatrists also take steps in only two areas: they are quicker to solve a problem, but also less able to remember things early.

The researchers said that this may be due to “the speed with which brain surgery is performed, or it may be because they are routinely trained to solve problems in the event of an emergency”.

“It is not surprising that engineers and doctors are considered role models,” the study said.
He added: “Other professions should also be based on the same criteria and further research should look at the best professions.”

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