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Saudi Arabia invited 50,000 people to the call to prayer and Quran recitation competition

Saudi Arabia has registered more than 50,000 Qur’an reciters from 165 countries to participate in the Qur’an recitation and call to prayer competition, which opened on January 4.

This is the second time that the competition is being held, where the officials started by evaluating the compounds and other participants in the competition to select those who are qualified to go to the next level.

This is the biggest competition of its kind in the world.

The competition is organized by the Saudi General Entertainment Authority (GEA) which will distribute prizes totaling 12 million riyals to the winners.

All those who participated in the competition will face up to four stages, where three of them are latrony, that is, an internet page will be used so that the followers of the competition can choose those who show the most talent.

In the fourth stage, they will be presented in front of some judges and spectators during a television program called Otr Elkalam Show, which will be shown during the month of Ramadan on the MBC television channel.

The Otr Elkalam competition was the first of its kind in the world to produce professional Quran reciters and prayer callers at the same time.

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