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Shatu Garko: Kano Girl Wins Nigerian Beauty Pageant

A young woman from Kano State in northern Nigeria has won the country’s beauty pageant.
Shatu Garko, 18, defeated 18 women at a ceremony on Friday night at the Landmark Center in Lagos.

Shatu is the first hijab woman to win the competition in history and this is the 44th edition of the Miss Nigeria pageant.

Nicole Ikot came in second, followed by Kasarachi Okoro.

She received the crown from Etsanyi Tukura of Taraba State, who won the competition for the 43rd time in 2019.

According to the organizers, the winner will receive a cash prize of N10 million, a one-year stay at a luxury hotel, a new car, and a special envoy to other companies.

The competition organizers say new trends are emerging each year for women competitors over the 44-year-old competition.

Who is Shatu Garko?

The 44th Queen of Beauty of Nigeria, Shatu Garko hails from Kano State and represents the northwestern part of the country.
A brief history of her at the competition shows that she is 18 years old, and a hijab advertiser who loves horse riding.

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