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The leader of the conservatives who is about to win the election in Italy

For more than 40 years, Anna Maria Tortora has been selling fresh tomatoes and cucumbers to her customers at a market in Rome.

She never imagined that a little girl who was following the line to buy clothes holding her grandfather’s hand would one day become the prime minister of the country.

“He was a good man”, she said, “and he loved his granddaughter very much.”

While the little girl who transformed, the leader of the party, as well as Giorgia Meloni, brought this step and for the first time, Anna Maria was full of pride.

“I helped her height a lot! The beans they buy here improved her height, because she ate and was very full.”

The market in Garbatella is a working class area in Rome, very traditional.

It is a remarkable event in politics, that there will be the first woman with an opinion to become the prime minister after the previous one Benito Mussolini.

The Italian election held before his time made President Sergio Matteralla will ask the party leaders to choose who will lead the government.

But Miss Meloni who is in the front line, you can refuse.

“The truth doesn’t shine these days,” said Marta, a grocery buyer pushing a cart at the vegetable market.

Her elderly mother, Luciana told me she was scared. “I personally don’t follow her opinion,” she said.

“If she succeeds, we will enter a bad time.”

Anna Maria, who sells vegetables, Giorgia Meloni has been eating since she was a child

It is clear that Meloni is against the repressive regime, in the latest video she made in English, and Spain and France reiterated that they do not support the old culture.

However, history is the main problem of the country, like Germany after the war, they let the repressive rulers make changes in the system of government.

The Brothers of Italy party was created in 2012, it was derived from the Social Movement party, which was created from the party created by Mussolini.

The party continued to use its logo that was used before and after the war, that is, a logo with a fire in the middle.

“Giorgia Meloni does not want to change, because it is something she cannot avoid in her political position, her youth is related to this,” said Gianluca Passarelli, professor of political science at Sapienza University of Rome.

“Her party is not oppressive,” he added. “Repression refers to those who have gained power and destroyed its system.

She won’t do that, she can’t even. However, the party includes many people who have come from other parties and it is not clear which side they won. She is just the middle one.”

Her childhood was full of challenges, in some ways it was the key to success, a young woman who was respected and loved by people.

She was born in Rome, and her father, Francesco, left home at the age of one and returned to the Canary Islands.

Francesco is a liberal, her mother Anna is a conservative, the reason she often spreads rumors about her parents not living together is aggravated by her being a conservative, because of not living with her father.

Later they moved to Garbatella, near her grandparents. At the age of 15, she joined the forefront in representing young people who were against the repressive regime MSI, and later became the leader of students in the National Alliance party.

Marco Marsillo was talking to MSI representatives in Garbatella, when Giorgia Meloni knocked on the door in 1992.

He is 10 years older than her, he became her best friend and political ally, and now he is the president of the Abruzzo region.

“What about his girlfriend, she always concentrates on what she has put in front,” he said. “You know her because of the gathering of students. She will step on anyone’s brakes if he approaches her to take the microphone.”

For many years, the family went to vacations, debates, and social gatherings, and he studied her since she was young and how she gave herself confidence.

“At that time she had things that were not on her mind,” said Mr Marsilio, “but maybe this is the confidence she got, which made her brave, not weak especially in terms of solving the problems that is developing.”

In 2008, when she was 31 years old, Giorgia Meloni became the young Minister of Youth and Sports in Italy, and was appointed by President Silvio Berlusconi.

After forming her party in 2012, she won 40 percent of the votes cast in 2018.

Giorgia Meloni hopes to form a conservative government, here she is with Silvio Berlusconi (centre) and Matteo Salvini

Even now that she is trying to assure Italy’s friends in the West that nothing will change her, there are things that are being worried about, for example giving full support to Ukraine as Draghi’s government is doing, they are worried about the complex issues that she is dealing with There is no hiding their opposition.

“Yes, there is the issue of families, and same-sex marriage”, everyone did not agree with them, she explained at a campaign rally in Spain.

She called for strict measures to be taken against migrants entering Europe from Libya.

“There is no danger associated with Meloni, from the point of view of democracy, but it is a danger for the European Union,” said Professor Passarelli, who placed her among the politicians of Hungary and France.

“They are on the same page as Marine Le Pen or Viktor Orban. And she wants to put Europe first.

Italy can be a lenient month for Putin to continue to break the European lag.”

For her friends, she represents the campaign to change the Italian political system that the country desperately needs now, to give the country’s economy a boost that will further grow.

“I feel happy, like a father who takes his daughter’s hand and takes her to the stage where she will be married,” said Marco Marsilio.

“Where we don’t have the confidence that she will do the right thing, we will not relax and create the party.”

But what is he planning to tell her once their party wins?

“Go ahead and guard, you can!”, that was the answer he gave.

“We have been hoping for this for a long time. We have been waiting for that moment for a long time.”

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